“Still Waters” – music to soothe your soul

Clinch River Near Rt_ 27 Bridge[1]Music to soothe your soul, soothe your nerves, soothe your child ….

Music to help to you relax, unwind, meditate, go to sleep, recharge your batteries,  refresh your spirit, rejuvenate, think, ponder, wander, meander, remember ….

This CD of original piano music is composed and performed by a London-trained Music Therapist, Keri Newdigate. “Using my training, I have created music that is consciously slow, meditative and relaxing. Some listeners have said it contributes to lowering their blood pressure and pulse rate. I have also included two tracks by JS Bach, who is reknown for writing deeply spiritual music.  I feel they are similar in mood to some of my songs, and because Bach is one of my favourite composers.

“Some mothers have told me that they played it to their children at night to help them go to sleep”.  Others said:

… helps me feel calm

… thoughtful, meditative, centered

… enriching, soothing, and uplifts you to a different spiritual level

… from the first bar of the first song, I can feel my body start to relax

… I use it to help me study

… mesmerizingly beautiful, calm and centred.

Doulas have used it to help in the labour ward: “Keri’s soulful music helps pregnant and labouring mothers enter into the deep meditative state of their birthing body, where endorphins and oxytocin flow… Her mellow sounds make for an essential addition to all labour wards and antenatal preparation classes” says your Birth Path Doula and BeautifullyBorn Hypnobirthing Practitioner Charlene Yared-West.

If your life is busy and you feel bombarded by noise, images or deadlines, take time to listen to the beautiful music and allow it to help you unwind, de-stress, relax and find a peaceful sanctuary.  It is suitable for massage, reading, creating, work, quiet times or before bed …

If you need to relax and unwind, this CD can help you to journey to new places within yourself.

If you need some quiet and peaceful music to help your child settle down to sleep, this CD will help.

Proud to announce:

This album has been released by Magnatune, an independent record label based in California, USA. see http://magnatune.com/artists/albums/knewdigate-stillwaters/



  1. Listening to the album on Magnatune right now, with a blissfully asleep granddaughter in my arms. Most excellent music! I do similar simple songs I composed on the guitar that work so well, I occasionally drift off while playing. I admire your work. Thanks for sharing.

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